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In the exciting but often overwhelming task of choosing a name for your little one, this app offers a fun, collaborative, and stress-free approach.

Very soon, you will get your list of favourite names and a shortlist that you and your partner can agree on!

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Name + Baby = Nameby

World Database

Explore an extensive collection of 35,000 baby names from over 30 countries.


Swipe right to shortlist the names you love and left for those you would rather skip. Partners can create and edit their list independently. You can also rank your top baby names within your list.

Match Discovery

Experience the thrill of finding a name match. When both parents swipe right on the same name, it's highlighted as a mutual favorite and it goes into a common shortlist.

Sharing options

Share your list with family and friends by email, sms, whatsApp or social media. Or just keep your choices private ... and let the name be a surprise!

Names from around the World
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About the creators of Nameby

Nameby was created by Stuart Rapoport, freelance programmer and Stephanie Rapoport, author of the French best selling baby name book, L’Officiel des prénoms published by First Editions since 2003. 

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